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  1. Child rights and you (CRY)
  2. Save the Children-B.R.B.
  3. Development Research Communication & Services Centre (DRCSC), West Bengal
  4. KKS-Germany
  5. IH – Germany
  6. Hummingbird Foundation-UK
  7. Fair Childhood- Germany
  8. Goonj
  9. Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre (Loreto)
  10. Association for India’s Development (AID)
  11. Lilaboti Fanindranath Day Memorial Trust
  12. Sakhya Cambridge, UK
  13. Dr. Arun Shekhar Day, UK
  14. CSO-Partner, India
  15. GLRA India
  16. Reach India
  17. Rotary India Humanity Foundation
  18. West Bengal Social Welfare Board
  19. Panchayat & Rural Development Department- Govt. of West Bengal

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Dist. – Purba Medinipur
West Bengal, India, 721427

Ph. & Fax No: (03220) 256 236


Kajla Janakalyan Samity

The organization facilitates to empower relatively deprived people to fight against all sorts of exploitation, deprivation, discrimination and injustice.

The organization creates alternative and innovative service models that influence others.

Kajla Janakalyan Samity .